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16 Jun 2021

MIS Active Management Systems Managing Director Chris McLaughlin, will be participating in a panel debate about safety and compliance as part of National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week

Safety does not and cannot exist in a vacuum; it exists as part of a wider ecosystem of interrelated activities undertaken by government, landlords, residents, suppliers and manufacturers.

Running 21st – 25th June, National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week gives the whole sector an opportunity to start a national conversation around our joint goals. It is about new learning, leading a new way and reminding ourselves of why we do what we do. It is about working together to create #SaferHomes.

The inaugural awareness week is spearheaded by the Association of Safety and Compliance Professionals (ASCP), in association with CORGI, to raise standards in safety, compliance, learning, competence and collaboration for a safer future for social housing.

Why is Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week so important?

More than simply an awareness week, this is a vital tool in the armoury to raise standards in learning, competence, and collaboration of a shared vision for the future of safety in social housing.  This cultural shift is crucial, because:

  • We need to accelerate the pace of change since the Grenfell disaster
  • We cannot wait for the government to tell us what to do or to legislate us to where we need to be.
  • There is so much work to do. The job is big and no individual or organisation has all the answers.
  • The Ministry of Housing, Community and Local Government’s White Paper “The Charter for Social Housing Residents” needs solid action to make the vision a reality.
  • Continuing the campaign for stronger powers of Access to carry out legally required safety checks is crucial.
  • It is estimate that “non-access” will cost Billions of pounds over the next decade. This is inconceivable given the scale of the task and vision of the White Paper.
  • There is no denying the challenges in the procurement of safety services, advice and products. Is this the weakest link in safety?  Competent organisations can have the best policies and procedures but poor understanding of safety in procurement leaves organisations open to unsafe outcomes!

Ultimately, Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week is a crucial tool to shine a light on safety culture and behaviours. 

Playing our part

On Thursday 24th June, MIS Active Management Systems Managing Director, Chris McLaughlin, will be taking part in a Q&A about compliance data alongside a range of other sector experts. 

Love it or hate it, data is the lifeblood of any organisation, none more so than when it’s central to providing safe homes and demonstrating compliance. How is your data capture and analysis – does it give you valuable insight or are you drowning in data? How do you ensure your data is fit for purpose, and do you trust your data?

Facilitated by Claire Heyes, Data – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, gives attendees the opportunity to learn from the successes and frustrations of others. It also provides a platform to get stakeholders from across the sector to join in a wider discussion about data and compliance. To listen, learn and pave the way for better, more productive and effective collaboration. 

The session is free to attend and all are welcome - not just safety and compliance professionals but IT/Data teams, procurement, finance teams too. The whole supply chain (internal and external) need to work together to deliver #saferhomes!

Join the discussion

Learn more about National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week and book your place at Data – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, here: Registration – National Social Housing Safety and Compliance Week

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