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ActiveH Repairs and Maintenance has been designed in close collaboration with over 30 landlord organisations to address their requirements when managing Repairs and Maintenance using their own or a Contract Workforce.

ActiveH Repairs and Maintenance is an in-depth solution starting with the input of the Request, through Surveying, raising of an Order, making an Appointment, Order Variations, Invoicing and Post-work Inspection. In common with all ActiveH modules, the integrated workflow allows for a highly tailored solution in which tasks may be run automatically in response to events or timing triggers being reached. With its cleverly designed and simple to operate user interface and highly configurable workflow, this flexible system can operate in many ways, to reflect how your business is organised. Naturally the system integrates closely with all ActiveH modules and mobile, as well as other solutions that your business uses.

Key Features

  • Repair Request logging and Task logging
  • Schedule of Rate or narrative work
  • Multiple Task priorities and Schedule of Rate tables with warranty periods
  • Contract Management including price uplifts
  • Contact and Tenant details drill-down
  • Automated Asset Attributes updates (e.g. Asbestos)
  • Major works defect periods accommodated
  • Integrated Multi-module Diary
  • Internal (Inspector) and external (Contractor) inspections supported
  • Multiple works orders per original request for work
  • Expense coding automated by use of coding maps
  • Authorisation limits
  • Workflow/Appointments/Letters/Invoices/Credits
  • Financial integration
  • Repairs diagnostic integration (e.g. Omfax, LocatorPlus)
  • SMS and Email links
  • Web components to allow Contractors to access and update via secure web pages

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