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ActiveH Rent Accounting was designed in collaboration with several registered housing providers around the management of Tenants, Leaseholders and Contacts. The application allows you to drive your organisation to improve its financial viability and deliver value for money (VFM) and is designed to help meet the needs of the business and deliver effective accounting.

Data can be accessed and updated instantly with effective reporting and real-time arrears and notifications. It is also fully integrated with all of the ActiveH products allowing real-time updates from other areas of the system such as Repairs, Service Charges and Case Processing.

Key Features

  • Multiple Asset Rents and Episodes
  • Supports multiple Rent and Account types
  • Rent Review wizard
  • Arrears Management
  • Automated Arrears Management
  • Suggested Arrears Management
  • Agreement/Arrangement Management
  • Expected Benefit, Universal Credit and Supporting People Monitoring
  • Automated Direct Debit generation
  • Flexible data import for Reviews, Benefits and Payments
  • Multiple Sundry and Sub-Accounts
  • Support for Affordable Rent, Target Rents, Differential Rents (Republic of Ireland)
  • Financial integration with leading industry Finance systems
  • Integrated Multi-Module Diary
  • Integrated Tasking
  • Document Management Integration
  • User customisation through built in Workflow functionality
  • Multiple Currency, Email and SMS texting enabled
  • Balances and Tenant Arrears Reporting
  • Voids, Charges and Payments Reporting
  • Target Rents and Rent Change Monitoring
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
  • Output of details to support the population of Digital CORE


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