Consultancy and Training


Always there to ensure you derive the best advantage from our products


In our view, customer care starts way before the software arrives.

Supply of loan and test servers is just part of our detailed implementation, in which we are at your side during every step of the journey.



Detailed discoveries from our product specialists drive our projects in order to produce a tailor made solution for each customer. Regular and meaningful communication at agreed periods ensures that projects are completed to customer satisfaction, at agreed timescales and within budgets. We will organise transfer of data, rather than leaving your IT staff to struggle with some data loaders, coming up with no nonsense suggestions to ease the transition to our leading edge solutions. Our philosophy goes way beyond the plain “nine until five” attitude.

At all stages, our own and the customers required effort required is clearly stated. This reduces risk to our projects and ensures all stakeholders know their responsibilities.



We recognise that moving to a new system is like opening a new chapter for business processes. Review is built in to our projects to ensure that clients are aware that replication of what has been done in the past may not achieve the optimum benefit from the new system. In particular the unique nature of how all of our products utilise workflow, designed in from the onset can mean that whole new avenues of improved customer care and cost savings can be opened.



The quality of our training is second to none. Our satisfaction statistics are of the highest in our marketplace. This is because each training session is uniquely tailored to the client’s needs, whether “training the trainer” or individual colleagues. Keeping everyone up to speed with our products protects the client’s investment and we are always looking for more ways to innovate in this area.


Bespoke Development

Our multi-skilled development teams can offer custom amendments and links to other systems and databases. ISO 9000 accreditation ensures that all requests for change are checked against customer needs, tested in a structured way and delivered to work as ordered.


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