ActiveH GIS

Traditionally, a GIS system has sometimes been characterised as a niche operational area, often tended by specific practitioners. For example a small number of asset team staff. Enquiries have often gone to this workgroup for boundary or landscaping queries and they can be remote from the main housing systems.

Historically, mapping data has been expensive, particularly where RSL’s or groups span one or more local authority areas. Much UK Ordinance Survey digital mapping data is now available at no cost in the public domain, removing a financial barrier to RSL use.

ActiveH GIS has been designed to be opened up to the whole enterprise so there are no limits to the integrated information held in the housing management system being represented graphically.

The MIS Group have worked for many decades as a partner with Cadcorp. The system is unique in that it can import almost any time of map data natively. Its SQL Server database platform allows the maxi-mum embedded real-time integration into ActiveH, a rarity in the housing sector.


Turning your asset data into visual information

All assets within ActiveH can be automatically geo-coded to record long/latitude.

This is usually completed as part of the implementation. Alternatively, data can be imported from a number of legacy or original formats.

Geo-coding new assets are made much easier by the newly available OS OpenData™ datasets to create a gazetteer to zoom to a selected street.

Access to the GIS module is through a single-click of a tab within the standard asset screen. Overlays and other features, such as flood-plains and boundaries can all be viewed as needed. Typical practical uses include:

  • Landscaping and grass cutting areas, within and around schemes
  • Property boundaries
  • Indication of development plots and land banks
  • Flagging of future sites under consideration for development
  • Ownership of scheme based street furniture, such as lighting

Limited only by the number of GIS licences available, this graphical information can be opened up to call centre staff and customer service advisors. They can then see and describe the scheme terrain in order to assist with dealing quickly with repair and ASB type issues.


Business Intelligence Reporting

All reports within the market leading Business Intelligence suite can interact with GIS data from a single click.

Any BI Report which contains Longitude and Latitude fields can be used. A number of different overlay symbols can be used to indicate zones or clusters of arrears, ASB cases or voids etc, as in the example here.

Custom queries can also be easily assembled and saved for later use. These provide a powerful way to provide diverse overlays combining a number of elements that can easily demonstrate trends spatially. As the saying goes, a GIS picture can paint a thousand words.


ActiveH GIS in use

A number of customers have already made the return on investment involved implementing the module, by better management of grounds maintenance contracts.

One RSL has initiated a programme to install solar PV for rural homes currently using oil as primary heating fuel. GIS enabled all south facing roofs to be identified and economically inactive residents targeted first. This has resulted in enhanced resident satisfaction, reduction in heating bills and benefits of FITs for surplus supply.


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