ActiveH SMS Texting

Introducing the automated SMS texting solution providing the next generation in efficiency and an excellent way of widening access & keeping in touch with all your customers and allowing your customers easy access to you.

Text messages can be generated at any point within the ActiveH system automatically or directly from all modules. This provides maximum flexibility for all users of the system to enhance service levels quickly and economically. A record of preferred methods of communication assists in targeting customers in the fashion most natural to them.


A communication revolution

Mobile phones have become truly ubiquitous. Over 94% of the population carry at least one mobile device and text has become the instant medium of communication for the masses. Over 57 million are sent daily in the UK and research suggests that over 90% are read within a few minutes of reception. Costs are very low in comparison with letters and even emails. The quick response of a text, so soon after contact with a colleague via CRM or any other part of the system reinforces the feeling that their issue is important and being addressed.


The use of SMS Text when handling Responsive Repairs

Automatic text messages can be generated prior to repair appointments to reduce access problems, with a reminder being sent to the tenant. Much time and money can be wasted with lack of access and this technology manages to reach most tenants in a form that they are familiar with. Independent research indicates that the cost of a forgotten appointment and wasted visits was approaching £30. To reduce the yearly number of wasted visits by 1500 would save £45,000. Utilising ActiveH SMS Texting allows these costs benefits to be realised early on.


Two way communication

Not only is our texting solution outbound, but this technology allows your customers to text into the association and receive automated responses or, using Workflow, to automatically carry out an operation within the system on behalf of the customer.

SMS can also be used to collect repair satisfaction survey results by mobile phone. Poor results can trigger a follow up if needed from a customer services contact or personal contact from an housing officer.


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SMS is available from the following modules:

ActiveH Rents Automated arrears can utilise SMS texting and can be a good method of reaching (in particular) younger tenants at the point of lower level arrears. Customers can also easily request a real-time balance, call back or log a complaint, suggestion, ASB incident or apply to join a tenant participation group.

Where good practice like settling in visits are in place, an SMS text can be used to alert the new tenant a few days in advance that a meeting will be set up to ensure the tenant is happy in their property and has financial arrangements in place to service debits or credit shortfalls.

You can automatically text your tenant when a court date becomes due or even the results of the court hearing.

ActiveH Lettings Applicants and individuals under offer, bid or listed can be kept in the loop using the SMS module. Statuses at various stages of the application, status changes or on offer can be easily accommodated.
ActiveH CRM Automatic confirmations of service requests can be generated, confirming that a housing officer has been notified or that assistance is on its way.
Compliance KLOE 6 introduces the concept of striving to improve the channels of customer communication. Most tenants cannot attend resident groups as they work full time but by use of SMS texting they can text their agenda items in for inclusion in the meeting.  SMS text is yet one more weapon in your armoury! Where no mobile number is present, a text can be sent to a normal land-line so tenants can retrieve the message from call waiting or answer phone services.