ActiveH Lettings

Do you want to give brilliant housing advice to your customers? Do you want to be able to guide customers to the right choice of tenure and neighbourhood to meet their needs? And do you want to do this automatically?

ActiveH Lettings offers a real-time Lettings environment with comprehensive Choice Based Lettings, Banding, Points Based, configurable Priority policies and Common Housing Registers. A web component extends the system out to the customer who can make their own choices within the policy applied and so enabling massive administration savings for the business.

The management of applicants, waiting lists and tenancy transfers can be a complex business with differing policies and procedures often within the same organisation. ActiveH Lettings is highly configurable allowing you to operate how your organisation chooses. Working with multiple policies, workflow can automate much of the decision making process resulting in the customer being kept informed, speeding up the process and delivering reduced costs and customer satisfaction.

The customer may apply for housing in person, over the telephone, by post or through a web portal but however the application is made the system uses the same data, the same decision making process and the same result. Because you are able to gather all the relevant data from the integrated ActiveH database, you are able to offer much better targeted selections resulting in a true choice for the customer.

ActiveH includes flexible tasking and workflow allowing you to transfer elements of the process to other people and ensure all timescales are met. Waiting lists will be reduced, voids minimised and customer satisfaction ratings increased. Seamless links to the ActiveH Rent Accounting module means that applicants can be assigned a tenancy automatically with no further intervention.

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ActiveH Lettings Features

  • User configurable questionnaires
  • Date, Bands, Points or Choice based lettings priorities
  • Integration to Common Housing Registers
  • Automated re-assessment on change of circumstances
  • Automatic or manual matching of applicants to properties
  • Full generation of applicant letters
  • Offer letters and other correspondence by user defined templates
  • Automatic drill down for contact and applicant details
  • Unlimited size waiting, transfer and garage lists
  • Re-registration features
  • Output of details to Digital CORE
  • Integrated workflow for user customisation
  • Void asset management and control
  • Void action plans
  • Web components available to allow applicants to apply on-line
  • Integrated SMS text messaging
  • Integration to document image processing
  • Link to lettings and other ActiveH modules and internal policies


Reporting and Management information

  • Detailed analysis of applicant information
  • Full audit
  • Details analysis of allocations
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities
  • All viewable browser information may be exported to Excel


Designed for Usability

  • Ease of use and modular design
  • Stable system for a mission critical environment
  • Full Windows utilising browser and inspector data handling with on-line help
  • User definable desktop schemes, integrated tasking and total security
  • Fully integrated to Microsoft Office products and utilising Word for all letters
  • Microsoft SQL Server, thin or thick client, Citrix and Windows 8 compatible


Call us now for a free consultative meeting with one of our highly experienced housing systems consultants and receive a free report on the future of Housing Systems.