ActiveH Planned Maintenance

ActiveH Planned Maintenance addresses both long term stock condition and shorter term cyclical procedures. Long term financial planning on property maintenance is critical to the viability of any organisation managing assets to ensure the stock is maintained to legislative standards within a manageable budget and acceptable timeframe.
Ensuring cyclical procedures are carried out on a periodic basis is now a key focus area with regard to tenant’s health and safety and, importantly, evidencing compliance to regulations.

ActiveH Planned Maintenance has evolved over the course of many years with the progression of the product being driven by over 30 housing associations to make it a robust product and a key member of the ActiveH suite. In addition to this, our easy to use mobile solutions offer unparalleled integration into ActiveH Planned Maintenance operating off line or on line to maximise flexibility.

ActiveH Planned Maintenance has real-time and inbuilt integration to the rest of the ActiveH suite of applications and is an integral part of your Asset Management system.
With the ability to plan and budget many years in advance as well as draw up cyclical maintenance plans and full stock condition survey capabilities, ActiveH Planned Maintenance is a comprehensive solution for any maintenance professional.

The business can define its own stock condition surveys, Gas and Electrical safety checks and estate audits, all of which can be delivered using our mobile solutions.
Our Smoothing and Modelling component allows the business to understand expenditure and funding requirements far in advance and then reschedule the spending to meet budgets.
ActiveH Planned Maintenance links directly to our Component Accounting module which allows you to manage the financial regime under which many associations now have to operate.


ActiveH Planned Maintenance Features

  • Comprehensive asset and property management
  • Recording of unlimited attributes/elements of any type
  • Asbestos Register
  • Electrical Checks
  • Gas Servicing
  • Stock Condition Survey
  • Routine and cyclical planning and scheduling
  • Plans, Programmes, full tender and payment management
  • Works Order preparation
  • Direct links to ActiveH Repairs & Maintenance


Optional Features

  • Mobile surveying capability
  • Automatic update of stock condition information
  • Smoothing and modelling
  • External stock condition import capabilities


Reporting and Management Information

  • Life cycle costing reports
  • Decent Homes
  • Scottish Homes Quality Standard
  • Viewable browser information may be exported to Excel


Designed for Usability

  • Full Windows utilising browser and inspector data handling with on-line help
  • Integrated tasking
  • User customisation through built in Workflow functionality
  • Integrated to Microsoft Office® products and utilising Word for all letters
  • SQL Server 2005/2008, thin or thick client, Citrix and Windows 7 compatible