ActiveH Asset Management

ActiveH Asset Management has been designed specifically as a major constituent of the housing management solution and so is not only perfectly tailored to the needs of organisations managing its housing stock but is seamlessly integrated into all aspects of the overall solution.

ActiveH Asset Management is designed around the management of properties and assets, incorporating everything connected to an Asset and is totally customisable for each organisation and is completely integrated with the core tenancy data.

The system can be set up to mirror the physical layout of the housing stock with Areas, Sub-Areas, Schemes, Roads, Blocks and individual Houses. Simple tools help to set up multiple Assets from a template. The individual house can then be populated with their specific attributes—kitchens, bathrooms, boilers, service schedules and such—down to the level of detail that your organisation requires.

The available level of detail with the Asset Management system supports a range of other services with ActiveH particularly with the Maintenance system; for example: Life Cycle Costing, Planned Replacement programmes, Gas servicing and cyclical maintenance of grounds, grass cutting and Health and Safety inspections.

And because of the integration that is prevalent in ActiveH, it’s the same Asset data everywhere. This allows you to deal with the customer from one point of contact with confidence as you have all the relevant information immediately accessible.

ActiveH Asset Management has been voted the best Asset Management solution in a recent industry-wide survey.

What makes it so good?
It’s completely focussed on housing management and totally relevant to the industry. Plus MIS also have the best Implementation and Support teams in the industry—we’re Number 1 in Customer Service too.

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ActiveH Asset Management Features

  • Comprehensive asset and property management
  • Automatic drill down for full asset details
  • Recording of asset attributes of any type
  • Tabs of additional customisable information can be added by users as required
  • Integration to document image processing
  • Asbestos Register
  • Electrical Checks
  • Gas Servicing
  • Stock Condition Survey
  • Routine and cyclical planning and scheduling
  • Smoothing & Modelling
  • User customisation through built in Workflow functionality
  • Easy to use information imports and exports
  • Optimisation of procedures
  • Easy to use wizard style processes
  • Generation of unlimited customisable documentation and letters
  • Integration with external systems including finance systems
  • Web components available to allow remote access
  • Links to other ActiveH modules and internal policies


Reporting and Management information

  • Life cycle costing reports
  • Decent Homes (England)
  • SHQS (Scotland)
  • WHQS (Wales)
  • All viewable browser information may be exported to Excel
  • Crystal Reports and Microsoft Reporting Services compatible


Designed for Usability

  • Ease of use and modular design
  • Stable system for a mission critical environment
  • Full Windows utilising browser and inspector data handling with on-line help
  • User definable desktop schemes, integrated tasking and total security
  • Fully integrated to Microsoft Office products and utilising Word for all letters
  • Microsoft SQL Server, thin or thick client, Citrix and Windows 8 compatible


Call us now for a free consultative meeting with one of our highly experienced housing systems consultants and receive a free report on the future of Housing Systems.