ActiveH Mobile Working

The drive for organisations to implement the most efficient working practices and provide their customers with value for money services is driven by regulation, standards and customer demand. A well managed and efficient field workforce is fundamental to delivering an effective program of work.

MIS-AMS have built their ActiveH Mobile Working Solution in collaboration with their customer base to produce a tightly integrated and highly relevant solution to cover all the activities that take place outside of the office. In fact ActiveH MWS allows you to take the office with you!  Developed in a way that offers extensive device compatibility regardless of the type of device you are using, whether it be a laptop, tablet or smart phone, ActiveH MWS has got all bases covered, with an added attraction allowing you to support Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


Provides operatives with the information they need to know about the property and people as well as a work schedule that is to be managed by them. Real time job monitoring and job costing analysis is also made available allowing you to see and track resource availability, as well as manage your teams efficiently.


Whether it is estate management or stock condition surveys, our surveyor solution allows you the flexibility to create surveys that are unique and relevant to you.  Offering real-time posting back into the ActiveH system removes the need for double entry and keeps your system truly up to date.


Offering the ability to carry out on-site inspections and record full job schedules, the inspector module does away with the need to take a checklist with you and tick off the relevant work that is required.  Utilising either narrative or schedule of rate entries, inspector will allow work to be created and rectified quicker and more cost effectively.


Being able to enquire, action and update information whilst on the road is a key business requirement.  Offering access to all parts of the ActiveH system in a real-time environment, CRM gives you the ability take your Customer Relationship Management to the next level.


Our tasking system allows you to keep track of key events where time is critical.  With the ability to track where a task is up to, who currently is the owner of the task and how the task has moved through the business.

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Key features of ActiveH Mobile include:

  • Platform independent, with capability to be accessed on any smartphone, tablet or laptop with an HTML5 compliant browser.
  • Seamless integration with the central ActiveH system, with updates passed to and from the relevant modules, as repairs, inspections, surveys and tenant visits are carried out and completed.


Designed for Usability

  • Full online and offline capability, ensuring uninterrupted usage, regardless of network coverage.
  • Our Resilient Data Transfer Layer (RDTL) layer ensure all data is accurately synchronised regardless of mobile data coverage.
  • Developed with in collaboration with our customers, to ensure that the full requirements of social housing professionals are included in the core system.
  • Developed and supported from our offices in Cheshire.
  • Ease of use and modular design
  • Stable system for a mission critical environment


Call us now for a free consultative meeting with one of our highly experienced housing systems consultants and receive a free report on the future of Housing Systems.