ActiveH CRM

ActiveH Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module provides your customer facing personnel with a comprehensive 360° view of the customer and their interactions with the business, enabling the majority of calls to be dealt with at the first point of contact.

The rising expectations of customers demands a higher and higher quality of service where speed of response and first-time resolution becomes a key factor in driving up your KPIs.

How many times do your call centre staff have to transfer a call to another member of staff to deal with it?  Do your staff have to call the customer back, following an initial call to the business?

ActiveH CRM brings together all your customer systems into one place, accessed with a single click and so the opportunity for first time resolution becomes much higher – scoring you highly with great customer service.

This may mean accessing systems such as Repairs to log and commit to a repair; or answering a query on rents – all from within CRM and with all details of the call stored in the CRM module.

ActiveH CRM is unique that it utilises images and other graphics, which allows the call taker to identify key characteristics at a glance  immediately on the front page, giving them the ability to tailor the call for the individual caller.

The open integration links within ActiveH CRM enables the solution to be extended even further with frontline scripting tools and repairs diagnostics, allowing all calls to be handled in a consistent and professional manner. With CTI links to most telephone systems, contact centre users will be able to see information about the customer before they answer the call.

Developed in collaboration with our customer base, ActiveH CRM is the first choice CRM application for housing professionals. Whether you operate a full functional call centre or take ad-hoc calls, ActiveH CRM can be used to manage your customer interactions, while offering CRM out to all staff, even mobile personnel, is a great way of keeping the whole business focused on customer service with a fully joined up approach.

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ActiveH CRM  Features

  • Access to the full contact management system
  • Access to the full asset register
  • Integrated workflow and tasking
  • Templates for quick call logging
  • Rent and arrears queries
  • Tenant profiling
  • Asset management queries
  • Full waiting and transfer list information, including void information
  • The status on an ASB/Complaints/Adaptations case including all information relating to that case
  • Logging of repairs or chasing up the progress of a repair
  • Neighbourhood ‘associated area’ concept so they user can see the whole picture of the neighbourhood
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • Omfax Repairs Diagnostic and Enquiry scripting


Reporting and Management information

  • Detailed analysis of calls and performance
  • Resource monitoring
  • Crystal Reports and Microsoft Reporting Services compatible
  • Add in your own bespoke queries and results
  • All viewable browser information may be exported allowing Excel reports.


Designed for Usability

  • Full Windows utilising browser and inspector data handling with on-line help
  • User customisation through built in Workflow functionality
  • Multiple currency, email and SMS texting enabled
  • Fully integrated to Microsoft Office® products and utilising Word for all letters
  • Microsoft SQL Server, thin or thick client, Citrix and Windows 8 compatible


Call us now for a free consultative meeting with one of our highly experienced housing systems consultants and receive a free report on the future of Housing Systems.