ActiveH Smart Browser

Smart Browser is an easy to use end-user tool which allows the creation of ad-hoc and tactical reports.
During the course of business it’s often necessary to find out the answers to simple questions like Who? How many? Where? and When? – and more often than not there’s not a quick and easy way to find out. That’s where Smart Browser comes in. Smart Browser means you don’t have to contact your IT team to get information and it works across all areas of the business.
The report creation step is very visual and is a simple drag and drop – the system works out the data relationships for you and the output is extremely powerful, as not only you can immediately get the answer to your question but you can drill down from the report into the underlying information. You can easily export the information reported to Excel for any further analysis needed.

Once you’ve perfected the report, it can be saved and run at any time you wish. You can keep it private or share with colleagues.


Smart Browser is able to answer a multitude of questions that crop up:
“How many one person households do we have in three bedroom properties”?
“Who are the residents that will be aged 100 next birthday”?
“Which of our current voids has asbestos present”?
“Do we have any resident aged 65 or over who has been waiting for a repair for more than 2 days?”
“Who are the 50 tenants who owe most in arrears?”

Smart Browser makes information that was previously locked away available to the users to make better informed decisions.


  • 43 business areas to report
  • Information linked together automatically by the system
  • System defaults to most commonly needed information
  • Information displayed, sort sequence and selection criteria by under user control
  • Fully integrated into the ActiveH Desktop
  • Full drill-down back into the system to allow updates to be completed while reviewing report.
  • Export to Excel, Word, PDF, Text, RTF and many other industry standard formats