Cookie Audit

MIS Active: Cookies


May 26th 2012 signalled the EU Cookie Law coming into effect. What this law means is that every website that uses cookies in whatever way must tell people of the cookies and the user must accept cookies from the website, not asking the customer to accept cookies and not telling them about the cookies being stored will result in breaking the law and could bring a fine of up to £500,000 for companies deemed to be breaking the law.

Cookie Name Duration Purpose


MIS Active

Popup 1 Week / 7 Days Stored so popup does not open again
CookiesAccepted 1 Week / 7 Days Stored so that we comply with the law


Changes made to the site:

A popup box asks the user to accept cookies, the user will not be able to move from this unless they either refresh the page or they accept. If they do refresh the page the script will simply run again and they will get the box popping up every 3 seconds. There is no other way around this and the customer must simply accept cookies as the cookie they accept will prevent this from happening and as such is not malicious.

The footer has also been edited to incorporate a “Cookie Audit” link to allow the user to view the cookie audit themselves should they not read it at the popup stage.