Resident self-service repairs grow in numbers.

Closer integration of ActiveH and Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) drives efficiencies 

Thanks to closer integration between MIS AMS’s ActiveH and Kirona’s DRS workforce scheduling system, residents can now self-serve via an online portal to book repair jobs for their property. This is another leap in efficiencies for many of MIS AMS’s housing association customers and marks the next stage in the digital strategy of HA’s.

We’ve been working closely with several associations and one has recently achieved a target of 40% of eligible repairs appointed on line by April 2018, increasing to 60% by April 2019 and 80% by April 2020.

Prior to April, around 20% of its tenants had the ability to schedule their own appointments – leaving 80% able to choose their preferred slot for a repair job but relying on customer services to then create a task for the job and assign it to the right person with the correct skills. Closer integration between the two systems means that customers are now able to schedule their own repairs online – a huge saving in terms of time for customer services, but also a huge drive in the efficiencies created by dynamic resource scheduling.

The customer portal enables tenants to log into the system and schedule the repair without intervention from customer services. There were 6,835 new repairs raised in the customer support centre, and 393 new repairs reported on line. Of the 6,835 reported by phone or email, 3,162 were eligible repairs – so could have been reported online – this is now possible thanks to the closer integration between the technologies.

If you’d like to know more about DRS integration, please contact MIS AMS