Accent Group delivers omni-channel customer contact centre with help from MIS AMS

Accent Group has gone live with MIS AMS’s ActiveH CRM system within its omni-channel customer contact centre. Accent Connect, the introduction of Contact Expert software linked to ActiveH is already seeing measurable benefits for its staff and its 37,000 residents, across five key regions. The new solution delivers a single 360-degree view of the properties across its estate and its residents’ information.

ActiveH is supporting Accent with a new platform that is allowing staff to provide a speedier, more personalised experience to its customers, as well as better managing resolutions regardless of via which channel customers choose to contact it. It is also seeing internal benefits from the software in terms of process efficiencies.

“Going live with Accent Connect has seen many more benefits than we even predicted. Not only has it made processes much slicker and more sophisticated, it has created better connectivity between all parts of the business,” said Danielle Mould, call centre manager, at Accent Group.

“We receive over 500,000 calls a year, but we’re inundated with emails – we always knew that workload existed in vast numbers, but now it can be better distributed to our agents to deal with. We can also see when there is a shift in channel – which channel is used the most – making our processes much more sophisticated, efficient and allowing us to be more help to customers.”

When customers contact us the screen now pops up with all of that customers history and contact details so that agents can provide a more personalised service. It delivers better management of work streams across the communication channels and has improved reporting and transparency within the organisation enormously. It also helps plan outbound work much more efficiently around days and times of the week.

Danielle continued: “Accent Connect has created such a difference to our daily-workings in such a short time by helping us to be more flexible with resource planning – staff numbers can be adjusted to meet demand more fluidly.

“The technology is also proving instrumental in the coaching and training of staff, with easy-to-use call recording, we can guide our team to achieve first call resolution on most issues.”

Accent Group has worked with MIS AMS over the last four years and continues to work hand in hand with the housing management system supplier to reach its end goal of becoming a leading-edge provider.

Chris McLaughlin, managing director, MIS AMS said: We are thrilled to hear such positive feedback from Accent Group going live with ActiveH. We are working with many Housing Associations across the UK implementing digital alternatives to traditional methods to ensure their customer service function is working in the most cost-effective way. We look forward to continuing our working-relationship and developing further digital services to improve the over-all working of the group.”

Accent’s digital self-service customer portal, launched with MIS AMS last year, now has over 3,800 customers who have set up a live account and can report repairs online, get access to rent statements and rent account information as well as being able to report anti-social behaviour.