Stonewater adopts high-performance MIS AMS Scheme Accounting software to manage service charges across its social housing schemes.

Stonewater, a leading national social housing provider, has gone live with a scheme accounting software solution from MIS AMS to manage service charges across its 31,500 properties more efficiently.

The new software replaces legacy applications with a single and efficient uniform system which provides housing officers with comprehensive budgetary control.

Service charges can be notoriously complicated and time-consuming to budget for and calculate – MIS Scheme Accounting –replaces a cumbersome spread sheet system with a consistent, single view which records data effectively enabling frontline officers to make informed decisions.

“The MIS Scheme Accounting solution means that our tenancy services officers can see what the current service charges are and can manage their annual budgets much more easily,” explains Jon Simmons, Project Manager, Stonewater.

“Pulling actual expenditure from our finance system into the module and apportioning these costs accurately across schemes is easy and quick – making it simple to query expenditure and manage costs.

“The module’s budget setting functionality is also very useful – allowing officers to review charges and set accurate budgets for the following year – giving us much more transparency in how charges are set. This is great for customers as well – enabling us to provide clear detail on how we’ve determined charges.”

There are a series of checks and balances within the system too, so approvals can be easily obtained via a hierarchy, and controls are hardwired into the system so that mistakes can’t happen where charges are either too high or too low.

“Ultimately MIS Scheme Accounting gives frontline officers the information they need to set budgets within the schemes they know the best, where they have a relationship with the residents and can work more closely with them to plan for the future,” explains Guy Stenson, Stonewater Director of Housing Strategy and Transformation.

“There are far reaching effects for our customer service teams too. In the past, service charges have been under the watch of the finance department. Now it’s much less complex and with staff training, internal feedback has been very positive.”

“We’ve taken the plunge empowering TSO’s to set their own budgets and determine what’s charged to their schemes. We see this as just the start in enhancing the quality, value and accessibility of the estate services we offer and we’re looking forward to realising further benefits from this module over time.”