MIS AMS Finds Fresh Talent

The MIS AMS team has recently grown again, with the appointment of two new team members who demonstrate the company’s passion for finding fresh and young talent to widen its skills and capabilities.

Managing Director Chris and the team welcomed Beau Bray-Deacon and Elliott Foran into the Northwich office this month, taking the roles of systems implementer and QA analyst.

Beau, 25, from Warrington, joins from Advanced Computer Software where he was a support consultant. Beau’s focus at MIS AMS will be implementing the ActiveH system and modules in his role as a systems implementer.

Beau said: “I wanted to join the team at MIS AMS as ActiveH is such a fantastic product and I had to be a part of it. I’d also heard such positive things about the team here at MIS, not only that they were talented, but how they all get on so well and have strong team spirit.

“I am currently working within the implementation team, undergoing training on the software behind the scenes to fully understand the product, to ensure I continue the seamless process that MIS AMS provides. I have felt at home since my first day and I am excited to meet current and prospective customers!”

Managing Director Chris said he was delighted to be welcoming more talent into the ever-growing fold: “I’m always keen to recruit talented people that will make a real positive impact across the business irrespective of their age, however in our most recent appointments, we have found some young talent to expand our team.

“Both Beau and Elliott have already started working for us and are making themselves at home with the rest of the MIS AMS family. We don’t have a high staff turn-over, something our clients love, and that’s because we are committed to offering long term career progression and on-going training.”

Also joining is Elliott, 23, from Sandbach, who has made the leap from Aldi’s supermarket aisles to become an MIS quality assurance analyst.

Elliott, said: “I wanted to work for MIS because of a friend, and now fellow colleague, who would tell me of how much he enjoyed his job, where he worked, and how strongly he would recommend that I apply for a position. I did my research, applied, and now here I am.

“Since beginning at MIS AMS I have found myself working in many areas of ActiveH, between detailed training sessions and contributing to the quality assurance of several updates to the system, I have yet to have two days the same. I am really enjoying myself and the whole office always seems in such high spirits. I can’t wait to learn more and support my fellow team members here across the product portfolio.”

Chris ended: “I’m very proud of the team here at MIS AMS. The business wouldn’t be where it is today without the right people here working hard. I’m pleased to hear Elliott and Beau are enjoying their time with us so far and long may that continue.”

MIS AMS are always looking for fresh talent – if you think you could be a wonderful addition to its team contact them here: Careers@mis-ams.com