West Mercia Homes chooses MIS AMS to give customers more control

Customers of West Mercia Homes, a West Midlands housing association and one of the region’s largest not-for-profit social housing businesses, can now fully diagnose their own repair and maintenance issues and make appointments online 24/7.

This big digital step for the housing association has been made possible by MIS AMS’ partnership with Omfax, the leading provider of Customer Response Management software, utilising its Keyfax online technology and services.

West Mercia Homes is part of the wider WM Housing Group, looking after 4,552 properties and customers, have taken this step to enable residents more control over their own homes and communities.

“Going live with Repairs Online in June of this year has moved us forward in our vision to becoming a digitally focused organisation. As part of our wider strategy we want customers to sustain their tenancies effectively, and giving residents more control and responsibility will help us, and our customers, to achieve this.” said Kat Greenwood, Customer Experience Project lead, WM Housing Group.

“We started work back in 2015 with MIS AMS to deliver an online service for our customers, so the natural step a year on, was to ask MIS to help us deliver a more transactional online experience where customers can truly self serve.

“We have worked very closely with the team at MIS to make sure the product fitted with our overall ethos, and the simple design makes it easy to use for our customers.”

This new functionality does mean that for every customer who chooses to self serve, the association has more time to spend on doing something else, predominantly spending more energy on those customers who need additional support in sustaining their tenancy, and dealing with issues important to customers in their homes and communities. Since the new system went live in June 2017 West Merica Homes customers have self appointed 123 repairs.

Kat continued: “The customer feedback we have received so far has been positive, the simplistic, easy to use design, and fact that you can log a repair anytime of the day is proving popular with customers, and we hope our online user base continues to grow.”

With West Merica Homes being part of the wider WM Housing group, there is a vision to implement the Omfax solution to allow all customers in the 30,000 homes that the Group manage, access to fully appoint their repairs online by Spring 2018. “This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the potential that the MIS and Omfax partnership can provide for us, we are excited start work on our enquiries module in the near future, allowing customers to report a variety of tenancy issues and more general enquiries.” concluded Kat.

Chris McLaughlin, managing director at MIS AMS said: “Omfax will provide a more efficient system for all parties involved, allowing customers more power over their own homes. Working with Kat and the wider team has been such a pleasure.

“As with all the systems we implement, we work with the client to make sure it’s right for them. We have made several tweaks to the original system to make it fit for West Mercia Homes, from shaping the customer journey to making each click through the system slicker. We look forward to what the future brings in our ongoing working relationship.”