Spring Housing


Spring Housing, is a small housing association registered in 2014 with just under 500 units of accommodation across the Midlands.

However, Spring Housing was using hundreds of spreadsheets to manage its properties, the rents, repairs and different services it provides to tenants, but it was becoming unmanageable and very time consuming for staff. The team there decided they needed to implement a housing management system that could grow with the business. Furthermore, they knew they would never grow so large that they would require the full functionality of some of the more enterprise level housing management systems.

As a relatively new association, Spring Housing didn’t have masses of data to migrate to a new system, so ActiveH Lite was the perfect choice as it could scale and grow with the organisation from the outset. This system would provide a hub of knowledge for its 40 plus employees as well as ensuring there was an audit trail to demonstrate it is operating within the agreed terms of its contracted suppliers.

Technology Solution 

Spring Housing was the first organisation to purchase and implement ActiveH Lite, the new entry-level version of MIS AMS’s ActiveH housing management software. MIS AMS’s all-new ActiveH Lite system would be the perfect fit for Spring with its current needs, but also its plans for future growth.

Spring went live with ActiveH Lite back in December 2016. Since its instalment, the small housing association has seen big benefits.

“MIS AMS AcitveH Lite fitted our requirements completely – it’s flexible and provides scalability – plus we have still had the holistic suite encompassing CRM, rent accounting, reporting, repairs and in future, mobile working. We have also tweaked the software to tailor it to our different delivery service areas – 80 to 90% of our estate is supported housing where we provide one-on-one service provision to the tenants,” explains Raj Shergill, director of housing & corporate services at Spring Housing.

“The system has worked wonders for us, it has been providing the wider team with the likes of a full functionality housing management system, but scaled down to suit our smaller, growing housing association.”



The introduction of ActiveH Lite has improved efficiencies, saved countless hours of administration work, helped the business fully understand its customers and created new business opportunities.

“We’re already reaping the benefits across our teams by having the ability to work ‘smarter’ due to easier access to our customer insights in one system. We have thankfully waved goodbye to our endless spreadsheets! They were extremely time consuming and human error was always a worry,” continues Raj.

“The feedback from staff has been extremely positive. They report that processes are smoother, more modern and assist them in doing their day-to-day job much better.”

Since moving to ActiveH Lite the teams can now work away from their individual work stations, giving further the team further flexibility.

Raj concludes: “Now that we are able to see customer data more clearly it has created further thoughts on our business plans. It has also opened up new ways in which we operate and even given us ideas for new business opportunities.”


Client Feedback – Raj Shergill, director of housing & corporate services

“The system has allowed staff within regions to collectively pool data enabling individuals across the business to have a 360-degree view on service, customer profile and delivery. ActiveH Lite has allowed staff to move away from ‘traditional’ data recording, extracting and analysing methods allowing us to cut down on their administration time by almost 40% across the various business departments.

Overall this more modern approach has allowed staff to provide more one-to-one time with customers in delivery of Spring’s housing and support services.  Phase two of our ITC strategy is to look at mobile working options which will further improve our service delivery across the business.”