Arches Housing takes its first step to digitisation with MIS AMS ActiveH Mobile Surveyor

Arches Housing that manages around 1000 homes in Sheffield and Rotherham, South Yorkshire has taken its first step towards digitisation by installing ActiveH mobile surveyor solution from MIS AMS.

The solution will allow a team of five outsourced surveyors the ability to carry out stock condition surveys and checks and to enter the data directly into Arches’ housing management system without the need to import the information from their own database. They will be surveying around 850 homes and the mobile application will allow them to download and update mission critical information whilst on the move.

Each survey takes vast amounts of time in terms of filling in the relevant paperwork, accessing the correct documents for each property and making sure that the survey information is filed correctly after the survey is completed.

“The stock condition surveys allow us to financially plan more accurately over the next 10 to 20 years so that we can meet the ‘Arches Standard’ – setting out what tenants can expect in their properties, whilst ensuring we can build more affordable homes,” explains Séamus Harkins, data services manager, Arches Housing.

“Under normal circumstances, contracted surveyors would be required to upload the information into their own system and then transfer it across to ours – this cuts out the two-step process, allowing them to enter it directly into Arches’ system. Our survey asks around 150 questions about items in the home, so having to enter it only once is much easier, less time consuming and ultimately less expensive.”

“Some of the savings come from the ability to conduct the survey, access the information remotely in the field, and then update the system with the stock condition report from the property.”

MIS AMS has very much become part of Arches internal team working side by side to drive efficiencies and realise the benefits of digitisation to the organisation.

“Arches has a small team of around 20 people and so we’ve very much become part of the Arches family, helping the organisation to make the transition it needs and rolling out the mobile surveyor solution,” explains Chris McLaughlin, managing director, MIS AMS.

“It’s great to see the difference that a solution like Mobile Surveyor can make to a smaller housing association where there are less man-hours to go around but still a large amount of stock to check and maintain.”Arches Housing will also be looking to use ActiveH to improve the effectiveness of its fire and water safety checks.