Accord Group and MIS AMS offer multi-channel contact to residents via online portal

Accord, one the largest housing and health & social care providers within the West Midlands region, has introduced a resident portal offering housing customers the option to get in touch via online services.

The portal, named the Customer Account, allows residents to get in touch at a time to suit them, to log a repair to their property, view and pay their rent, print statements, update personal information online and even view ‘handy hints’ videos that may help them in their home. It is also in the pipeline for customers to apply for a transfer via this method soon as well.

“Our overall goal was to become more accessible to customers and give them the ability to do what they can themselves without needing to call us,” explains Coleen Whitehall, Housing Systems Manager for Accord.

“In turn this means that the reduction of phone calls allows our housing officers to move away from their desks and get back out into the communities where they can add value face to face. That approach means they can also encourage customers to log onto the portal and promote the benefits of doing so.”

“Traffic via the Customer Account has increased steadily and interestingly we’ve seen engagement with those customers that didn’t previously call us.”

“Going forward, portal access will be an integral part of the customer sign up process promoting our multi-channel contact strategy. We can see huge benefits for the business – it has given us the foundation to build our services and deliver them via a new channel, which in turn supports our Digital Inclusion Strategy.”

Chris McLaughlin, managing director said: “It’s is great to see Accord making strides towards its digital future and utilising the ActiveH products in the best ways possible. Delivering the best possible customer service is what it’s all about whilst enabling the Accord team to add value where it’s most important.”