Spectrum Housing Group will make £180,000 of efficiency savings in twelve months of digital strategy execution thanks to ActiveH

Spectrum Housing Group, that owns 18,000 homes and maintains a further 45,000 in the South, South West and the Isle of Wight, has estimated it will save £180,000 in the first year, or the equivalent time of five members of staff, by implementing ActiveH Mobile CRM and Mobile Surveyor from MIS AMS.

“Since July 2015 we have been developing mobile working solutions for the frontline staff in our operations team, to enable them to enquire, action and update information whilst on the road using their iPads,” explains Rob Webber, group director of operations, Spectrum Housing Group.

“The mobile working solutions being implemented will revolutionise the way frontline officers conduct their day to day activities within Spectrum and the service we can offer to our residents. ActiveH Mobile Working Solutions allows users to take the office with them out into the patch and into our residents’ homes.”

Specifically, Mobile Surveyor will allow a team of nine surveyors to spend more time in the field. Surveyors are tasked with carrying out stock condition surveys and checks to 20% of their properties each year. Each of them looks after around 2000 properties in total, so they have approximately 400 surveys per annum to conduct.

Each survey takes vast amounts of time in terms of filling in the relevant paperwork, accessing the correct documents for each property and making sure that the survey information is filed correctly after the survey is completed – as well as travel time to and from the office.

“Under normal circumstances, the stock condition surveys would require a lot of office based paper work for our team of surveyors – not least in accessing the correct property’s details, but also in terms of updating the information from their survey back into our records,” explains, Rob Webber, group director of operations, Spectrum Housing Group.

“Some of the savings come from the ability to conduct the survey, access the information remotely in the field, and then update the system with the stock condition report from the property. This cuts a 20-step process down to just six steps  – giving a 10% increase in productivity.

Spectrum has been an MIS AMS ActiveH customer for over a decade using it to deliver customer relationship management, lettings, rents, scheme accounting, planned maintenance, repairs, business planning and digital services.

The deployment of Mobile Surveyor forms part of the overall digital strategy and moves Spectrum closer to providing a comprehensive digital service offering – which also includes the launch of a new online service portal for residents and the implementation of Mobile CRM for neighborhood officers.

“It’s all about continuing to put value for money at the center of everything we do –making efficiency savings across the business to be able to continue to offer the best service possible to our residents,” explains Rob Webber, Group Director of Operations, Spectrum Housing Group.

“Mobile CRM will provide time savings for a team of 40 neighborhood officers and five welfare benefit officers, freeing them up to be able to visit residents at home as well as providing them with the means to better answer questions pertaining to repairs, rent enquires, and other requests residents may have when they receive a visit from a Spectrum member of staff.”

Information will be stored centrally in ActiveH, and, equipped with an iPad, the neighborhood officer can access it to give customers the information they need, as well as update relevant information whilst onsite.

“We’ve had an effective and open working relationship with the team at MIS-AMS for over a decade and we continue to see the financial and efficiency benefits that ActiveH brings to our business. These latest changes will yield cash savings of £180,000 in the first year alone,” concludes Rob Webber, Group Director of Operations, Spectrum Housing Group.

Chris McLaughlin, managing director, MIS AMS said: “ActiveH’s mobile solutions provide Spectrum with the ability to gain efficiencies so that surveyors and housing and welfare officers can do the jobs that add value to the organisation out in the community.

“Our solution removes unnecessary processes and paper work and provides savings right across the business.”