ROTFL, how much jargon?

I know we live in a smartphone-driven world where LOL, ROTFL, and BFN are all increasingly part of the common vernacular, but when I joined MIS AMS, as a sales consultant I really wasn’t prepared for the amount of new TLA’s and jargon I would encounter – it had me DARFC.
  It seems housing management software has a language all of its own! Where our customers are digitising their HMS systems, they are encouraging their residents to access rent and maintenance information via TIPS, which feeds into CRM and allows the CSC to deliver a 360-degree service.  Big Data (lots of data would be a better representation) is captured in the HMS providing the HA’s with the ability to analyse it and find trends so as to better adapt services going forward. HO/NO and surveyors are able to deploy mobile solutions so they can free up time and spend more of it in the field (not the green sort) knocking on doors to speak to residents or surveying properties. BYOD provides the ability to use your own mobile devices that can feed data back to the HMS in real time – thus eliminating the paper work. Maintenance and repairs is clearly a large part of managing any estate of assets (houses!) – and reducing void loss (the time the houses stand empty in between rentals) is a key part of what MIS AMS sets out to achieve for customers. Time empty is money lost. Anyway, now I’ve done my DD, I’m completely U2S and can jargon with the best of them.

Luke Basnett, Sales Consultant

If you’re struggling with some of these, I’ve provided some help. TTFN.

ROTFL – roll on the floor laughing
LOL – laugh out loud
BFN – bye for now
HO – Housing officer
NO- Neighbourhood officer
TLA’s – three letter acronyms
DARFC – ducking and running for cover
BYOD – Bring your own device
DD – due diligence
U2S – up to speed
TTFN – ta ta for now