A nice surprise from Barbara Haggan (ICT Projects Manager)


Choice Housing Ireland Limited.

Recently, our staff received a very unexpected parcel delivered by courier which arrived from Choice Housing Ireland Limited.

When the box was opened our eyes went very wide at the amount of different selection of chocolates that filled the box!  Barbara Haggan (ICT Projects Manager) from Choice, very kindly sent them over to express her gratitude and thanks for the work that MIS-AMS staff put in to a recent projects undertaken and we have to say it was very unexpected but very welcome!  Whilst our staff here never expect to receive this kind of appreciation it is wonderful when customers do go out of their way to let us know what kind of job we are doing for them and to let us know how satisfied they are.  It is nice to know that we are doing a good job and delivering work that is of a high standard expected by the customer. We feel very privileged to have received this and it is appreciated by all the team.

Andy Bannaghan, Implementation Director, says of the kind gift:

The chocolates were a complete and rewarding surprise and I will ensure that they all get shared out amongst the staff. I must wholeheartedly thank Barbara for taking the time to do this from myself and all the team