On time and on budget, isn’t a goal, it’s a given…

Great work from Dan Garbett on the Gateway Implementation.


“I wanted to drop a note in recognition of the superb work Dan has been doing on the Gateway implementation. The go live date has never changed so we came in on plan and in budget which as you know is unusual. This is partly due to the expertise & commitment Dan has shown throughout the project. Especially over the weekend when he has shown the highest level of professionalism under pressure.”

“I can’t fault Dan and I really wanted to share this with his Management team.”

Mhari Byrne, Project Manager


Phil Teale also expressed his thanks to Dan…

“I know we spoke about this at the weekend, but I’d like to formally record my thanks for the fantastic service that Dan has delivered to Gateway and to the ACE Project over the past 12 months, but particularly over the go-live weekend.  His ability to work flawlessly under considerable pressure and remain cheerful and involved while doing so is remarkable and he is a total credit to your organisation.  He has displayed dedication over and above everything that might have been expected from him, and he has been instrumental in the success of the ActiveH implementation at Gateway.”

Phil Teale, Executive Consultant: Infrastructure Technology