MIS ActiveH Pre Build Stage

The J2e Module Leads have spent 8 days locked in the IT training room at Little Park Street with MIS during early January to complete some intensive pre-build systems training. Although it’s not ‘sexy stuff’ the training is crucial to getting the best possible system in the future. The purpose of the pre build training is to sort through the 1,000’s of code descriptions, which are essential background configurations to enable the system to work for us in the future.

Scott Fincham, Estate Management Module Lead, tells us what it’s really like to be a new dad and being part of the J2e team during the Pre Build stage!

Q1. What have been the highlights of the Pre Build Training?

It’s really opened my eyes to the potential of the new system. I now have a much clearer picture of what the system is going to look like and do for us. By seeing the mechanisms in the background I can see the potential for what the end user will see. That’s exciting!

Q2. What have been the lowlights of the Pre Build Training?

By getting into the real detail it’s started throwing up lots of difficult issues to work through. It’s essential that we get all of the coding correct to ensure we are building consistency for the future, and that’s no mean feat. On a lighter note the other problem for me was the level of heat being generated by all the laptops in the room. It wasn’t conducive to staying awake when you are a new Dad like me with an 8 week old baby son!!

Q3. What have MIS been like to work with?

MIS Developer, Dave Evans’ knowledge of the system is phenomenal and his level of understanding of the repairs element is unbelievable, I take my hat off to him. He did a good job of controlling us Module Leads.  There are 8 of us and we are all impatient to learn and he led the sessions well keeping us all under control!

Q4. As the Module Lead for Estate Services, what are the advantages of the build for your area of the business?

Nexus, Kemble, Optima and Family will benefit from a transparent housing management system that will log any Estate management enquiry, from abandoned cars to bulk rubbish! The gain for Whitefriars will be a system that joins together the Landscape enquiry system and the Fly Tipping and Graffiti enquiry systems. In addition, from the ‘go live’ date in September the Customer Services Centre will be able to deal with a proportion of the Estate Services based enquiries across the Group.

So despite all the work that has gone before, there is more hard work ahead for the J2e module leads in February, as they battle through a mountain of codes to ensure the system is configured in the best way for WM. One of the reasons for choosing ActiveH as our new system was because of the flexibility in building it to meet our specific needs and wants, rather than having a system that dictates how we must work. This is the time now between February and May where we put our stamp on the system and set it up ready to support new processes as designed by staff over the last year. Once the system is designed and built to WM’s needs, the testing will begin, ready for training over the summer months, and finally for go live in September 2015. An exciting and busy time ahead as we start to see all of the hard work and commitment from staff across the group come together into one usable system!