Spectrum Housing Double Go-Live

Spectrum Housing successfully implemented two new projects recently over the same weekend. Firstly a new streamlined repairs appointing system (Project Emerald) seamlessly linking ActiveH Repairs with Kirona’s DRS system and allowing front-line staff to arrange repairs appointments at first point of contact. Secondly a project to consolidate all of the existing Spectrum Group companies direct debit payers onto a single bank account bringing cost savings and business efficiencies.

Helen Hann emailed through a statement to the team passing on her thanks with the following comments:

I thought you may be interested in hearing how our first day following the “Project Emerald” implementation had gone yesterday and I also wanted to express my thanks for your efforts in ensuring that both this project and our Single Bank Account project were successfully delivered. We have relied heavily on both parties to quickly turn around development work on both projects and that Systems Implementer from MIS-AMS Alastair Heaton had to give up his time last weekend to oversee the implementation of both.  I am very grateful for the efforts of everyone involved and I am delighted to report that both projects were successfully delivered. 

We had a particularly successful first day of response repair appointment setting in the Contact Centre yesterday – the day coincided with peak calls which would have been challenging on their own without the whole team starting a new way of working but I am delighted to report that all went well.

We took 1100 calls and raised 290 works orders in the Contact Centre with appointments agreed with residents and successfully processed through ActiveH, DRS and Total following the extensive system changes implemented over the weekend.  Our main focus has been to ensure correct repair diagnosis as this is critical to the success of the project and I am pleased to report that only 18 jobs were identified as incorrect by SPC and quickly put right.  With this in mind we are continuing to update our guidance and support to the Contact Centre Advisors as we need to keep these errors to a minimum.

Another positive outcome of the day has been the relatively small impact the changes have had on call durations.  We have seen average call lengths only increase by a minute and our PCA (phone calls answered in 20 seconds) was 68% at the end of the day.  This will improve as the team gain confidence and also when the call volumes reduce.

The Contact Centre team proudly wore green yesterday and there was a real buzz in the air as all the weeks and months of work were finally put to the test!

The Single Bank Account project was also successfully implemented and whilst the outcomes of this are not so obvious, clearly the consequences of this going wrong could have been critical to the cash flow of the organisation.  The processes had been tested thoroughly but we wouldn’t know if they had worked until we were in the live system and I am pleased to confirm that this all worked as planned.  The efficiency savings that will be reaped by my Income Recovery Team are significant and we will be particularly appreciative of this in the coming weeks as we are building new direct debits around our rent review in April.

Thank you again for your assistance in getting us to this point.

Helen Hann

Helen Hann
Customer Services Director

Spectrum Housing Group