Oaklee take on Open Doors

Oaklee Homes Group (OHG) is a voluntary, non-profit organisation, which provides and manages quality social housing, care and support services to meet a wide range of needs across Northern Ireland. Oaklee has facilitated a number of partnerships and merges with various housing Associations in recent years and now has over 7,000 units, province wide. The latest member to join the Oaklee Group is Open Door Housing Association.  A major reason for joining Oaklee was so they could avail of senior management resources and their housing management information systems which are supplied by MIS Active Management systems.

Initial contact was made to MIS in early May 2013 between Brian McKenna Group Head of Corporate Services at Oaklee Homes Group and Andy Bannaghan (Implementation Director) of MIS Active Management Systems to gauge the possibility of migrating the additional Open Door housing stock into the ActiveH HMS by 1st July 2013. MIS-AMS progressed with this project knowing that previously Oaklee and MIS-AMS had worked together well in migrating stock from SHAC and Broadway Housing, whereby both these projects were very successful.

Key teams were immediately arranged from both Oaklee Homes Group and MIS-AMS with a project plan instantly created.  The plan was to perform various imports of the Open Door data supplied by Oaklee Homes ICT department and plans put in place to modify elements of the Oaklee Homes Group business model (workflows) to suit the new data.

The first pass of data was remarkably clean (this was down to Oaklee Homes Group utilising the same team that had been involved with both SHAC and Broadway mergers in 2012).  The data migrated relatively easily and in a positive state enabling detailed testing to be carried out by key Oaklee Homes Group staff. After a few minor  corrections the second migration pass was ready and again the data migrated with a few anomalies. This enabled ActiveH workflows to be amended and letters templates were created to cater for the new Open Door stock. These were fully tested by key Oaklee Homes Group staff and prepared for the go-live.

The go-live migration and implementation occurred three days earlier than the actual agreed go-live date, allowing Oaklee Homes to be ready for business as usual first thing on the Monday morning.  We wish them luck!